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Are You Confused?

by Dr. Andrew T. Brady, Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Andrew BradyMost people are confused when it comes to making healthcare decisions. I recognized how big of a problem this was after I received the same question in several of my wellness presentations: “How do we know which recommendations to follow?” It’s a great question. One expert will say one thing, while the same specialist in the same hospital may give you a completely opposite recommendation and say the other is harmful. Is fish oil good or bad? Is fat good or bad? Are supplements good or bad? Is dairy good or bad? Are carbs good or bad?

We are in a time where we are constantly being bombarded with so called “experts” spewing “research” that sells their breakthrough drug, supplement, herb, diet, or service. In a quick Google search, I found three articles that were published on two major media outlets 10 years ago that talked about a “breakthrough” drug that would cure diabetes. Well, where is it? These false promises are everywhere, and we all love the idea of these magic bullets. Humans are wired to be attracted to innovation and instant gratification. This is why fads boom initially, make a lot of people get rich quick, but then disappear as fast as they were discovered — leaving you sicker and poorer.

To be blunt… stop buying into the “breakthroughs” and “magic bullets.” They are not real, and they are not going to cure a problem caused by years of accumulating lifestyle habits that may include eating garbage, not exercising, not getting your spine properly aligned, not loving your job, not having healthy social relationships, not having positive self-esteem, sitting 10 hours a day, and not living with some passion. How could it? Don’t get me wrong, there are thousands of drugs, supplements, herbs, and remedies that you can use to treat a certain symptom, but if your sole focus is on symptom treatment, you will never restore health and function.

So how do we get less confused? Which “experts” do we trust? Well, it’s actually pretty simple — the experts that don’t offer magic bullets but recommend changes in lifestyle habits (the ones you hate the most). Listen to those ones! Choose foods based on nutritional value, and not taste, emotion, or comfort. Begin to choose exercise or movement patterns that your body requires, and choose thoughts and social patterns that provide psychological fitness. When you make these choices, you will improve your health, vitality, appearance, weight, intellectual and emotional function, ability to recover from illness, and ability to prevent future illness. No “fad” or “breakthrough” can offer you all of that.

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