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Hudson Chiropractor Offers the
Gonstead Technique

Find Better Health at Spine Integrative Wellness

Hudson Chiropractic is now Spine Integrative Wellness! Welcome, Dr. Bob's patients!

In today's world, we're all concerned about spending our time and money wisely. Have you considered taking a proactive approach to your health that will pay off big in the future? At Spine Integrative Wellness, we know that preventing problems is the key to enjoying incredible well-being.

Hudson Chiropractors Dr. Andrew Brady and Dr. Meredith Fisher primarily utilize the Gonstead Technique. They are among the few practitioners in the Northeast Ohio area to specialize in this unique method. When your spine is aligned, your nervous system operates optimally, and you can express the best of health.

Offering Integrative Care

At our new, modern facility, we offer chiropractic, which is a vital piece of the puzzle in enjoying the best of health. But we also know that it’s not the only aspect you require to have real health. You also need to eat right, avoid unhealthy behaviors and move your body regularly. We support our patients in having a healthy lifestyle, of which chiropractic is an essential part.

Along with our natural form of health care, we also provide micronutrient testing, which allows for an evidence-based approach to supplementation. Digital X-rays can be taken on-site, and our intersegmental traction table enables you to relax and de-stress before you see Dr. Brady or Dr. Fisher.