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New Patient Center

Spine Integrative Wellness is a newly built space that’s warm, refreshing and designed to enhance your well-being from the moment you step in. Our rustic, hospitable design is created to make you feel right at home. We believe that everyone has a right to know the condition of their spine and so we have made it really easy to get checked in our office.

Getting Started

At your initial visit, you’ll meet with Dr. Brady for a thorough consultation, exam and digital X-rays. If your problem is something he can help with, you’ll receive a chiropractic adjustment, then return a couple of days later to see how you’ve responded and go over a treatment recommendation.

The first visit takes 45-60 minutes, with subsequent appointments being shorter and taking just 10 minutes.

How to Prepare for Your First Visit

Please wear comfortable clothing if possible. We ask that women wear a sports bra that doesn’t have underwire.

You Get What You Put In

Like anything else in life, what you get from chiropractic will reflect the investment that you want to put into it. If you follow Dr. Brady’s recommendations, you’ll likely see better results. When you’re feeling better, we’ll recommend wellness care to maintain the health of your spine. Just like you go to the dentist regularly, periodic visits to our office can prevent more serious problems from occurring.

Our In-House Seminars

Dr. Brady holds seminars on the physical, chemical and emotional stresses that affect your life, along with an introduction to chiropractic care. Would you like more information? Contact us today to join our next talk!

New Patients | (234) 284-8002